Eagle Creek Elementary School

ARTICLE I: NAME The name of this association is: Eagle Creek Elementary SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL. In these bylaws, the Eagle Creek School Advisory Council, herein after referred to as the “SAC.”

ARTICLE II: GOALS AND PURPOSE SECTION 1: The goals and purpose of SAC are: a) To provide parents, teachers, students and the community that is ethnically, racially and economically representative, an opportunity to actively participate in the development of educational priorities, assessment of the schools' needs and development of a School Improvement Plan (SIP). b) Assess needs based on state goals, performance standards and local and state data c) Regulate expenditures of state designated funds for SIP

ARTICLE III: DUTIES AND OBLIGATIONS OF SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL MEMBERS SECTION 1: The Eagle Creek Elementary School Advisory Council shall exercise the following duties and obligations: a) Attend and actively participate in SAC meetings b) Address issues and items that relate to school improvement initiatives c) Assist in the determination of how the Florida School Recognition funds are spent jointly with the school’s staff when the school is financially rewarded d) Membership shall be no more than 35 members who are ethnically, racially, and economically representative of our community. Fifty-one percent of the membership shall be comprised of non- Eagle Creek Elementary School employees.

ARTICLE IV: DUTIES AND OBLIGATIONS OF SAC OFFICERS SECTION 1: The duties of the School Advisory Council Chairperson will be as follows: a) Call and preside at all meetings of the SAC or to secure a designee b) Supervise the activities of SAC c) Publicize and communicate the activities of the SAC to all stakeholders d) Serve as primary liaison between SAC, school principal and also to the community as a whole e) Ensure the election of next year’s SAC chairperson by the last meeting of the school year SECTION 2: The duties of the School Advisory Council Co-Chairperson will be as follows: a) Act as an aide to the chair b) Serve in the absence of the chair c) Supervise the activities of SAC d) Publicize and communicate the activities of the SAC to all stakeholders SECTION 3: The duties of the School Advisory Council Secretary will be as follows: a) Record minutes b) Email minutes to principal once approved c) Keep attendance records d) Send minutes to members with the next month’s agenda e) Attend to SAC correspondence

ARTICLE V: APPOINTMENT PROCESS SECTION 1: Officers for the SAC will be the SAC Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, and Secretary a) Officers will be nominated and elected at the end of the May SAC general meeting. b) All officers shall assume their duties at the close of that meeting at which they are elected c) SECTION 2: All new SAC members will be elected at the beginning of the school year SECTION 3: Vacancies a) Vacancies of elected members shall be filled from those who meet the composition requirements of the vacancy and had the highest number of votes. If there are no candidates who meet these criteria, the SAC shall fill the vacancy by simple majority vote b) Vacancies of business/community representatives shall be filled by a member’s recommendation and approval by simple majority vote of SAC members.

ARTICLE VI: VOTING PROCEDURES SECTION 1: A quorum shall be 51% of the total SAC membership. Votes may only be taken if a quorum is present. SECTION 2: Notice of a minimum of 3 must be given in writing to all members of the advisory council of any matter that is scheduled to come before the SAC for a vote. The notice of the meeting shall contain the time and place of the meeting and an agenda. The agenda will include items scheduled to come before the SAC for vote. SECTION 3: Decisions shall be made by consensus whenever possible. In the event a vote is taken, passage will require a simple majority (51%) of members present unless otherwise stated in these bylaws SECTION 4: In accordance with Florida law, there shall be no voting by proxy or by email. SECTION 5: In accordance with Florida law, there shall be no secret ballots

ARTICLE VI: MEETINGS SECTION 1: There will be a minimum of 8 SAC meetings during the school year. Meetings shall be held beginning either in August of September continuing monthly throughout the school year. Dates and meeting times shall be determined at the first meeting. SECTION 2: Emergency meetings may be called with 24 hours notice if jointly agreed upon by the SAC chair and principal. ARTICLE VII: PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Council in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not in conflict with these bylaws. ARTICLE VIII: AMENDMENTS SECTION 1: The bylaws of Eagle Creek Elementary School, School Advisory Council will be reviewed yearly to be in compliance with Florida Sate Law. A majority vote is necessary in order to amend the bylaws.

Approved: October 12, 2016